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Frequently Asked Questions

A charter flight is one that isn’t part of the airlines’ schedule. Chartering a flight means you are renting an aircraft for personal use, in your own time. You get to choose and personalise your departure, destination, and overall journey experience. 

Completely! Using a private jet charter is a completely different and freeing experience – over time, your broker will get to know you more and your preferences which will result in a tailored and completely personal flying experience. All details are taken care of without you having to worry about anything.

Your broker will let you know how much the hold can take on your chosen aircraft, you can also upgrade if you plan on needing more space. In general, the allowed luggage weight and amount is significantly higher than any commercial airline. Upgrades may also be needed if travelling with equipment such as golf clubs or ski equipment. If you’re travelling with a gun, you will need to provide a valid license, while the gun and its ammunition must be kept completely separate. All of this is, of course, at the captain’s discretion.


Let your imagination run wild! From a completely personal and tailored menu to meeting up with your crew beforehand and requesting last-minute changes (yes, even mid-air!). The entire experience is in your hands – except the piloting.

Also referred to as a repositioning flight, an empty leg flight is a scheduled flight without any passengers. For example, a one-way flight requested by a client means the returning flight will happen anyway without passengers, therefore a discount is offered to prospective passengers by operators in an effort to maximize the flight. A possible disadvantage of an empty leg flight is the restrictions of time, stability, and cancellation terms.

Giving as much notice as possible is the best option – it offers more availability, better value for your money, and more choices in lower-priced aircraft. However, a large percentage of private charter flights are booked within the last two weeks before desired departure. At JetPro Aviation, we strive to make sure that no matter what, even with last-minute bookings, we will make your flight experience as comfortable as possible.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to privately chartered flights – if you need to make significant changes after you’ve already booked your flight, it’s best to contact your charter company as any changes will depend on the policies the company has in place.

Each company has their own cancellation policies in place – typically this includes a non-refundable deposit, that will usually consist of a percentage of the total cost. In other instances a cancellation fee may also be charged.