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ACMI – Charter

What is ACMI?

An ACMI, which stands for Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance, is an aircraft leasing arrangement established between two airlines. In this setup, one airline, known as the lessor, offers an entire package – from the aircraft itself to the crew, from comprehensive maintenance to insurance coverage – to another airline, the lessee. In return for these services, the lessee compensates based on the block hours the aircraft is operated. Additionally, the responsibility of the lessee extends to providing fuel, managing airport and overflight charges, and handling any other relevant duties, taxes, or additional charges.


In the dynamic environment of aviation industry, ACMI emerges as a flexible lifeline. As airlines grapple with fluctuating capacity demands to meet operational needs, ACMI seamlessly bridges this gap by extending invaluable support to lessees. Such adaptability proves crucial in addressing various challenges, whether it’s catering to seasonal demand and pioneering new routes, providing swift cover in urgent situations, or ensuring smooth operations during planned maintenance and unforeseen aircraft delivery delays.


So, what does one stand to gain with ACMI? The benefits are multiple. It assures capacity precisely when you need it, guarantees flexibility, and promises rapid responses. Beyond that, it simplifies cabin crew management and offers a robust strategy for risk management, making it an indispensable asset.

What is a charter?

Charter flights offer a distinctive flying experience, distinguishing themselves from the standard commercial flights. When you charter a plane, you’re essentially hiring a full aircraft, allowing you to define the flight details, schedules, and passenger list. Unlike purchasing a seat on a pre-determined commercial flight, chartering lets you create a unique journey tailored to your needs.

This personalised approach contrasts starkly with commercial flights. With commercial airlines, passengers are limited to set schedules, destinations, and fellow travellers. But with charter flights, you set your own terms and redefine what air travel means to you.

Types of charter
Private Charter

Usually booked by individuals or corporate firms, you enjoy the privilege of booking an entire aircraft rather than a single seat on a bigger plane. We can also organise flights of short duration for leisure purposes i.e. sightseeing, wedding proposals etc.

Group Charter

These are seasonal flights usually run by tour operators transporting groups to chosen destinations. Usually booked on a seasonal basis for a series of flights but not limited to a single flight if needed.

Sports Events

 Watching your beloved sports team live in action, anywhere around the globe, is an unparalleled experience. At JetPro, we understand the passionate spirit of sports fans who are ready to travel far on a timely manner. We organise their journey with direct flight avoiding intermediate stops making the journey as efficient as possible. Furthermore, for sport teams requiring convenient and efficient travelling leaving players more focused on the game than on the travel bit, JetPro has all the means to make the experience as smooth as possible.

How Does It Work?

Your travel preferences decide the type of aircraft you charter, ranging from lightweight jets for small groups to long-haul aircrafts suitable for lengthy travels. In some instances, passengers can drive straight to the aircraft, with staff ready to assist. Most destinations are readily accessible through charter-friendly airports.

Charter Flight Advantages
Enhanced Privacy

Charter flights offer spacious interiors, making long travels comfortable, allowing passengers to rest, work, or read without disturbances.

Bypass Crowded Terminals

Many charter flights bypass the main airport, offering quicker, more private boarding processes.

Tailored Amenities

 From customised meals to superior in-flight entertainment and connectivity options, charter flights redefine onboard luxury.

Flexible Scheduling

Forget being bound by airline schedules; choose flight timings that align with your obligations.

In essence, chartering creates a convenient flying experience. It's not merely about reaching a destination; it's about enjoying every moment of the journey. Choose a tailored flying experience with JetPro Aviation and rediscover the joy of travel.